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Order receipt rolls

Our environmentally friendly quality receipt rolls for thermal printers are rub-resistant and fade-resistant, while also being printed in the legally required SEPA debit transaction text.

When placing an order, please provide your REA Card customer number or terminal ID.

Shipping costs
Order value below € 50: Shipping costs of € 3.90
Order value exceeding € 50: free shipping

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After your order is placed we will immediately ship the product to you. If you are already an established customer, we will charge the amount to the account you have provided us. Otherwise you will receive the bill with the delivery.

If you would like to order more accessories for your REA Card devices, please contact our customer service department via E-Mail.

One package of receipt rolls contains:

•    for REA T3 pro, REA T3 retail, REA T3 premium, REA T4 pro, REA T4 retail, REA T5 retail
      20 receipt rolls, each 25 m

•    for REA T4 flex
      25 receipt rolls, each 10 m

•    for REA T6 pro, REA T6 flex, REA T6 eco
      20 receipt rolls, each 18 m

•    for REA K3315 touch, REA K3515 touch
      40 receipt rolls, each 80 m