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Sustainability and Growth

As a family company with regional roots, we have always been fully aware of our responsibility to our community. Not only do we create solid family-friendly workplaces, but we also enjoy getting involved in a variety of different associations and organizations. In the process we make use of our competencies as a company and the expertise of our employees in order to make a contribution to society and the environment.

Our involvement in leading organizations associated with payment transaction serves to promote the continual exchange of ideas about future technologies as well as shared research and development in our industry. This allows us to ensure the professional execution and sustained effectiveness of our shared programs and projects.

Association of Terminal Manufacturer

We are a founding member of the Verband der Terminalhersteller in Deutschland e.V., whose goal is to actively support international terminal standardization in Germany.

EHI Retail Institute

As a member of the EHI Retail Institute, we are fully engaged in shaping the future of retail. We bring our expertise as a developer, producer, and service provider to the table in this professional group for card payment systems.


The ELV-Forum is a technically oriented committee aimed at adapting the established electronic debit processes in Germany (EDP) to meet the demands posed by new conditions in the industry, promoting standardization, and establishing shared points of contact. The association's members are companies that offer EDP payments, companies that are involved in the development of EDP payment systems, or companies that offer other services (e.g. network providers, manufacturers, and collectives).