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Our Principles

Our values are the key to our success. They form the foundation for everything that makes REA Card the company that it is today. We demonstrate our dedication to these values by taking responsibility for our employees, our relationship with our business partners, and the credibility of our products. At REA Card we are constantly striving to live by the following principles in all departments and at all levels:


    We set high standards of quality for our products, which are characterized by long service lives, high durability, and technical superiority.


    In addition to constantly developing our products further, we also work on customer-specific solutions. We react quickly to customer requests and changes in the market. Our flexibility and timely solutions are an essential part of our success.

    Innovation and Foresight

    We have a result-oriented and profit-conscious way of working. This forms the foundation for the development of new solutions and further enhancement of our proven products. Here at the location in Germany we are creating new jobs and securing the long-term future of the company.

    Customers and Partners

    We maintain long-term, intensive relationships with our customers and business partners. Their success and satisfaction with our products is especially important to us. Customer support and service play a central role with us.


    It is important to us that our employees are dedicated team players who are also capable of working independently and taking charge. With us idea exchange is highly valued. We challenge our employees and expect that each of them will be prepared to constantly better themselves.


    We work to ensure that every employee is treated with the same amount of recognition, respect, and consideration no matter their nationality, beliefs, gender, age or position.


    Our corporate structure is shaped by open and friendly interaction. We all value and respect one another and offer constructive criticism.


    We develop concrete measures for treating our community and the environment responsibly. Here you can see our areas of responsibility.