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Success Through Responsibility

Our ethics philosophy is shaped by responsible corporate behavior, which is what forms the basis for our sustained economic success. For us a corporate structure means more than just getting along harmoniously with each other – sustainability and environmental friendliness are also crucially important. This strategy of responsibility has proven itself for 30 years and will surely also accompany us into the future.

Responsibility to our customers

We always maintain constructive dialog with our customers. It is in this way that we can meet their individual needs directly and impress with customized solutions, easy-to-operate products, and unrivaled quality in service. We are constantly working to improve our products and solutions and are always there for our customers. With our on-site service and our phone hotline, we ensure that customers receive quick assistance with all their technical questions all the time.

Responsibility to Our Employees

We offer our employees attractive jobs in a green, friendly environment that is easily accessible and we provide them with fair pay. Flattened hierarchies, flexible working hours, and telecommuting make our working conditions comfortable and family-friendly.  We promote the health of our employees with a health day, moving breaks, fitness studio benefits, and a company sports league. Mobile massages, different leisure time offers, and benefits offered in collaboration with our partner companies serve to promote the vitality and well-being of our staff.

Responsibility to the Region and Community

We create and maintain jobs at our regional offices and are well-integrated into the Mühltal community as well as being networked with the entire Darmstadt region. Regional sports leagues receive financial assistance from us and other community projects and organizations are also very near and dear to our hearts: We are working with Kids Care to construct a hospital ward in Cameroon and are also involved with the Nieder-Ramstädter Diakonie. Since 2012 we have also taken part in the Hessian Day of Sustainability, thus supporting the sustainability strategies of employees and the region.

Responsibility to the Environment

Our work is shaped by respect for our environment. We do more than just satisfy customers – we also protect our planet. There are a number of concrete measures we have implemented to do our part:

  • Sale of phenol-free receipt rolls
  • Use of green electricity in the company
  • Use of recycled paper for unternal printing
  • FSC-certified paper for external printing
  • Consistent trash sorting
  • Bike Leasing for staff