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Present your products and current trends, tips, and news with strong, moving pictures on your own television. With REA DS 2 compellingly prepared information and enthrallingly staged campaigns will be received right where they need to be: directly by your customers. You conveniently enter your information through an advertising interface and publish it on select screens. Professional marketing in just a few clicks.

Display marketing for higher sales

  • Moving pictures with infotainment as an effective marketing medium
  • Sowing the seeds of customer loyalty through professional marketing
  • Enhanced sales spaces and a climate conducive to sales
  • Easy central management and monitoring
  • Proven higher sales

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Further benefits

•    Interactive price and product information
    Practical tools for branch operators and franchisers
•    Integrated QR code Marketing Tools
•    Integrated social media publishing for contributions created
    Interactions with and integration of iBeacon systems into retailing
    All content CI-compatible thanks to smart templates
    Content management system with template content creator
    Easy playlist creation using drag & drop
    Fully automatic distribution through HTTP
    Central monitoring of up to 5,000 monitors
    Grouping and zoning functions for playlists and individual content
•    Rights management for provision of certain content to branches
•    Functions and regionalization of centrally created content

Preferred industries

    Branch retail
•    Exhibitions