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Foto: REA T8 unitFoto: T8 unitFoto: T8 unit

This modern machine terminal makes paying at a machine with a card even more attractive: That's thanks to carefully conceived software, easy menu navigation, and a large, high-resolution color display. Its impact- and weather-resistant housing as well as its durable metal keypad offer protection against wind, weather, and manipulation.

REA T8 unit
Secure payment at machines

  • Installation in all machines: quick and easy
  • Durable and secure: protects against fraud or vandalism
  • High-resolution color display: for good readability
  • High-performance software: intuitive menu navigation

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Weitere Vorteile

    Can be cost-effectively integrated into existing machines
•    Multiple interfacesmake installation a breeze
•    Intuitive user promptingand compact design
•    Good readability even in direct sunlight
    Durable housing and scratch-resistant stainless steel keypad
•    Weatherproof and secure against manipulation
•    Fast, reliable transactions thanks to a pulse frequency of 533MHz

Payments process

•    Debit
•    Diners Club
•    Girocard
•    OLV
    Master Card
•    Maestro
•    JCB
•    American Express
•    Money card
•    Union Pay

Preferred industries

•    Ticket machines
    Gas stations
    Parking meter machines
•    Kiosk terminals
    Self-checkout cash registers

Connection Types

  • LAN
  • USB
  • RS232

Optional communication interfaces

•    ISDN
•    GSM/GPRS (external)

Register connection

  • ZVT


  •     W: 140 mm
  •      D: 199 mm
  •      H:   50 mm

    What does SEPA stand for?

    SEPA stands for "Single Euro Payments Area" and refers to the unified European payment area. SEPA is also often used to refer to the processes and procedures for the standardization of payment traffic in Europe.