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Foto: REA T6 flexFoto: REA T6 flexFoto: REA T6 flexFoto: REA T6 flexFoto: REA T6 flexFoto: REA T6 flexFoto: REA T6 flex

Payments to go: With this handy Terminal your customers can quite easily pay in passing thanks to the integrated NFC technology. Not only is this very convenient – but it takes just a few seconds.

Terminal REA T6 flex
Smart and fast

  • Handy design: compact pocket size
  • Integrated NFC reader: for contactless payment
  • Large color display: guaranteed to be perfectly readable
  • Backlit key pad: for easily discernible numbers and letters

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Further benefits

•    Handy, fast, and secure
    Secure transactions thanks to SSL encryption
    Fast GPRS-based communication
    Offline or online operation possible
•    Fast receipt printer with large receipt rolls
    Charging cradle included

Payments process

•    Debit
    Diners Club
•    Girocard
    Master Card
•    JCB
    American Express
    Money card
    Union Pay
•    PayPass

Preferred industries

•    Delivery and shipping services
•    Craftsmen
    Taxi industry
•    Service providers
    Exhibitions and markets
    Anyone who wants to be flexible


•    Automatic closeout via TKM
•    Bonus cards/BSW
•    Comfort Card
•    Multi-account model
•    Reservation
    Reference number
•    Reporting
    Payback (redeem)
    TaxFree Global Blue

Connection Types

  • WLAN


  • W:  78 mm
  • D: 165 mm
  • H:   57 mm

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