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REA T5 retail ProduktbildREA T5 retail ProduktbildREA T5 retail ProduktbildREA T5 retail ProduktbildREA T5 retail ProduktbildREA T5 retail ProduktbildREA T5 retail Produktbild

This futuristic Terminal with high-resolution color display and touchless reader can be integrated with the dealer units at each stationary cashier station or used as a standalone device. Its numerous practical features make operating this aesthetically pleasing high-tech device a joy to operate and make payment transactions even faster.

Terminal REA T7 retail
High-tech terminal with NFC

  •  Award-winning design: ergonomic and compact
  •  Brilliant color display: with individual applications
  •  Lit card reader: for chip and magnet and NFC
  •  Optional dealer unit: for use as a stand-alone version

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    Further benefits

    •      Lightning fast, secure payment transactions
    •      Fulfills SEPA criteria and all approvals
    •      Integrated visual screen for discrete PIN entry
    •      Always up-to-date with automatic maintenance

      Payments process

      •     Debit
      •     Diners Club
      •     Girocard
      •     Guaranteed debit
      •     Master Card
      •     Maestro
      •     VISA
      •     VPAY
      •     JCB
      •     Prepaid
      •     DCC
      •     American Express
      •     Union Pay
      •     PayPass
      •     PayWave

        Preferred industries

        • Retail
        • Service providers
        • Gas stations
        • Theater ticket offices
        • Ticket Counters
        • Kiosks
        • Pharmacies
        • Cashier stations


          • Receipt header logo
          • Bonus cards/BSW
          • Reservation
          • Reference number
          • Reporting
          • TaxFree Worldwide
          • Tips
          • Automatic closeout via TKM

          Connection Types

          • LAN/DSL (TCP/IP)

            Register connection

            • IP-based
            • Serial (RS232)


            • W: 115 mm
            •  D: 170 mm
            •  H: 103 mm

            How is the card inserted into the REA T7?

            How can I update the time shown in the clock displayed on the REA T7?